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Thursday, March 11, 2010

My eccentric housemate

I have two new housemates; yeah, since my last housemate moved out, the two of them moved out together and it is nothing to do with me.
One housemate had bought a new place to get married with her boyfriend (or rather, fiance) and the other had moved down to KL to be with her soon-to-be-husband too.
So, the two last housemates moved out because they are moving on to their next phase of lives; marriage.

I am still waiting for my fate; my next destination for my career and therefore, I am still stuck here at the moment.
I don't hate where I am staying at the moment; in fact, I kinda like this place and I am probably gonna miss this place if I were to be transferred to a new place or back to HQ (if that's the next decision).

Since January, I have two more new housemates who came in.
One is a slightly older lady, who looked rather sullen who will occupying the small room while the other is a chirpy lady who's about my age who's taking the medium room.
Well, originally, there was another young lady who came to view the rooms, and I kinda preferred her to this older lady, but since my housemate felt it was only fair for first-come-first-served basis, so that's it and the older lady won the race.

Anyway, there was nothing much new or anything to get used to since I have been used to getting along with new people for the past few years I have been living outside home and I have met good and bad (to say the least) housemates over the years too.

The two new housemates are okay, I guess, especially during the first month they moved in.
I have no issue with the younger housemate as she is just friendly and straight-forward. She loves to talk, a lot, but she means well and she's always ready with a smile or a hi whenever i see her.

The other one, however, was a little weird.
She just keeps to herself, like to herself all the time.
She stays inside her room, well, not complaining about that since I do the same thing myself, but my master bedroom has almost everything though.
She has a TV.

Okay, what I meant about the eccentric part was that, she doesn't smile at me at all.
The first time we talked was because she had to get the house keys from me before she moved in.
That was the only time we talked or smiled at each other.
After she moved in, she's like really quiet and she tried to avoid me.

How would I know whether she avoids me?

Well, I've noticed for a few times now, that every time I turned the door knob and go out of my room, and if she happens to be coming out at the same time, she would deliberately close her door and step back inside and wait until she hears me turning my door knob to go back into my room before she comes out.
If that is not eccentric enough, I've bumped into her face to face and even when I offered a smile on my face, she just does not want to smile at me in return.
Imagine, I was staring at her right in the face and I felt like an idiot back then, smiling and the other party just treated me like I was invisible!

Another incident where we met face to face was when she was walking towards my direction in the car park and I smiled again (I guess I never learnt my lesson) and she just looked straight and pretended she didn't see me.
It was so deliberate and it was definitely done on purpose because we were practically in each other's way.

Now, you tell me what's the problem?
She often wears that really sullen look and she talks and laughs really loud too, in her room.

Whatever, perhaps it's just my luck to have one or two of these crazy people as housemates once in a while.
Sighs...I want my own place soon so that I do not have to put up with such craze anymore...