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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Missing the weekend...

Come Monday morning and the first thing that you think when you open your eyes is, "Darn, it's Monday again, the weekend is over"

How superficial we all are, we know we need a job to sustain ourselves and we need the money to pamper ourselves with little luxury items, and we are always so earnest and doe-eyed during our job interviews to convince others to hire us and yet we can't even cajole ourselves out of bed to get to work on most mornings.
Worse is, we can be bitching about it in our heads and yet we can walk into the office, and look like we were looking forward to work so much.

Haha, that's life; the same scene will put itself on forward and rewind every single week.
Like the sea, there is always the high and low tides sweeping up to the sand and after all, without complaining and grudging once in a while, where would we get the happiness on the other end, right? (a little nonsensical, I know)

While we have a long list to rant about what we don't like about working weekdays, I have decided to just preserve the weekend in my mind and tell myself about things that I really love about the weekend; so that everyday would seem like a weekend
(Self-psychology works most of the time to preserve our sanity in this mad world but if it doesn't, there is a book out there with the same title, 7-Day Weekend)

Weekends...everything about it is nice, even the word itself is comforting to the soul and what do I love looking forward to...

1. Waking up to birds chirping softly and the skies are still dark, and you know you are NOT working =)
I love to wake up early on weekends, being the opposite of the majority to enjoy that fresh and cool crisp air (the weather has changed, finally)

2. Having a cuppa hot Chinese tea during one of those dim sum breakfasts and sipping it slowly while you sample each bite of the delightful (and sinful) dim sum and knowing that you still have all the time in the world and not having to rush to get to the office before the meeting starts.
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Besides enjoying the food, I get to do my people observation and it is fun seeing people of all walks of life and each with their own unique style and behavior.
(now I feel like a retired person sitting in the dim sum shop, talk about people watching!)
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3. No meetings or business calls or any demeaning emails popping up in your Outlook

4. Not having to follow any schedule and doing everything at leisure

5. Having the time for me-session (my solitary time)

6. Cruising around the island in the car, taking in all the view and snapping pictures wherever I go
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7. Pampering myself from head-to-toe

8. Going shopping or watching movies

9. No traffic jams or long queues at restaurants/eateries (except at the cinemas and the malls' carparks)

10. Time to relax and just RELAX!

I really missed the weekend....well, just close my eyes and count to 5 days...and then it's weekend all over again! =D