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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Lovely weather on yet another Friday

It's funny how time just seems to slip us by
I felt like it was last week when I was just posting on my blog that it was Friday and how I was looking forward to a good weekend, and today, we have arrived at another Friday, only that it has already been a week.

How has my week been?
Well, pretty good and bad at the same time
I've finally completed my project tender documents and have also submitted them! YEAYY!!
I have collected a new project tender document (again) and have sent it via courier to HQ; this is one huge job which will get the whole world to work again.

Apart from that, there were so many things to rush for this big customer in Penang; a real demanding one where everything must be done immediately for them.
It is exhausting when you have to be at their every beck and call.

Oh, the high stress that came with my assignments this week has led to excessive acid being excreted in the stomach and caused a massive gastric and tummy upset attack, and I was crying for help and pain =(

Anyway, I am still slowly recovering from the bad attack after a few doses of the medication and keeping a close eye on whatever I am eating.
(this is always the case after an attack as my tummy will be highly sensitive at this point and easily upset)

It is great that we have weekends to look forward to after a busy week at work for the past five days.

Today's weather made it an even more lovely Friday to enjoy as it was just cloudy and the sun is nowhere to be seen, to my delight.

Know what I feel or dream of doing now?
Having a good book to read and a nice cup of fruit juice (orange) to sip while listening to one of my favorite song~

I love Fridays.....I hope it rains soon ;)