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Sunday, March 21, 2010

A New Week...

It's Monday again, and despite having those Monday blues (which I am sure the whole world is having too since today's also the start of school since the one-week school break), we still have to get up, get out, put on a smile and get to work/school for that matter.

Oh, life's the same and we go back to the regular weekly or daily cycle of waking up, having breakfast and driving to work.

Arriving in the office, turning on the laptop, going through some of the pending items/lists and replying my emails.

Today, is somewhat different from the rest of the Mondays, as there is a new regulation or rather implementation, where we are starting our new weekly meetings with the HQ in KL via tele-conference.

That was something which changed my weekly Monday routine (refer to my previous post) and most probably, my Friday routine as well.

Of course, I am not complaining (how can I complain anyway?), as I still have tonnes of things to worry about.

It is also the week where I have to rush a few things for my customers, projects and also traveling.

Yeah, of all the time to travel, I had to be traveling to HQ this week...
My parents and family are all coming up tomorrow and I may be required to be in KL...bummer
I am taking two days down to KL and will come back, all in line with the training in HQ.

Of all the time...

I have been typing away hard at my keyboard for the whole morning....I have to do some ergonomic exercises soon to flex the muscles on my hands, after what my aunt have gone through with her Carpal Tunnel Syndrome...it's scaryyyyy

It's just another Manic Monday again....