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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Micro Management is major UGH

Recently my boss has started his idea of having a weekly meeting; teleconference with our office from HQ and it is not just once a week; rather twice a week.
Once at the beginning of the week and then at the end of the week.

Not pretty, I know.

So, how it all started, and what gives my boss such creativity after granting us the freedom and independence for more than two years?
Well, the reasons:
1. Proper passdown and updates to the other offices around the country to ensure that we are well-informed of the changes or decisions made by the management. This is also in line with their mission to fine tune and align all the staffs and teams to the same direction
(SHOULD have done this long ago!)

2. Perhaps this should be the main reason; the ONE staff who was clearly wasting his life away has finally caught everyone's attention (or NERVES) and something has to be done.
Making the staff attend weekly meetings leaves no space for work truancy or cheating; and of course, proper attendance to the office at all times.

I don't really mind having all these meetings as I am indeed working myself out but it does feel annoying when you feel like you were not being trusted to do your job (although I know, I am not the one in focus but still, I am losing my freedom and independence for another person?)

One person messes up, and now the whole world has to suffer (or rather, bear the responsibility for his actions)

It is truly sad and at the same time, it feels really sickening to be micro managed; I thought we have all left that behind at our school days.
Sighs, I am not afraid of micro management as I do know the reason behind all of it, but still, I felt like I was just the accompanying soldier in this whole thing...

Too bad eh?