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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Gastric and stomach ACHE!

I think this year didn't start off that good for me, I have been 'awarded' with loads of injuries leading all the way from January until Chinese New Year, then CNY I had a bang and then I had body ache and breathing difficulties, and now, latest to join in the line is a bad bout of gastric and stomach ache.

Don't go pointing fingers chiding me for not eating and all that, but I can tell you that I have been rushing like mad for the project deadline these days that I think that is the main culprit.

Weirdly enough, somehow my gastric is never related to food, unless it's food poisoning, which I am probably forced to believe it this time.
My gastric and sinusitis is always related to stress and the bad weather (the case for sinus).

I am in high stress mode since I came back from my CNY leave, and things have been really crazy around here.

Yesterday, I was really in a lot of pain when I got off work; it was mild at first when I drove home.
Then I went out for dinner, and that's it, after dinner, I had a serious and sharp pain in the abdomen and initially it was like intermittent and then, the pains were really, *YOWL!!*

It was hard keeping it up in the car and I am glad I was not the one driving as the traffic was really bad (it is always bad when you are in an emergency!) and I had to keep gripping onto something, I don't know, I think it's psychological that when we are in pain, we always want to release the force of the pain to another medium.

I grabbed the upholstery of the car and my handbag and it was still really painful.
I had gone pale by then and I know the driver must have panicked upon seeing my look as I seldom complain or keep so quiet during the entire trip, wriggling and writhing my way on the seat.

I even dug my fingers deep into my hands; and even tried to bite myself to divert the pain away from the nerves, no, it did not help, in fact the pain got worse.

Look at the marks it left me even until this morning
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My stomach's still feeling rather edgy today, but I have come to work anyhow and I don't think it's a wise move as the pain is still so bad, and it's making me very uncomfortable...

I have taken my 2nd dose of my medication, and if it gets worse....I will have to force myself to see a doctor.....
Gosh, the pain.....it's still there....