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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Strained muscles

I have overstrained the muscles on my arms yesterday and today, I am feeling the pain and discomfort on both my arms!

It was unintentional; as I was expecting to spend the entire day in the office, preparing and compiling all the tender documents for the latest bid job.
I received a text message from my colleage cum manager in KL; asking me to collect another set of documents from our consultant in Gurney.

Being told that it was urgent, I took off in my car and drove straight to Gurney Tower to collect the project documents from the appointed consultant.
Already, I was not concentrating and had missed a turn, but anyway, I was still on time to meet up with him.

I parked my car a short distance away; paid my 40 cents due for the parking space and strode straight into the building, making my way to the 20th floor.

When I met the consultant, he explained the nature and the scope of the project to me and then told me that I'd have to bring the mechanical and electrical drawings back to my technical team.

"Alright then" I say
His next question caught me by surprise, when he asked, "Did you drive?"
This was unusual, typically they don't really ask you these, because they don't care
so I just told him, "Yeah"

"Those drawings are rather heavy, you know", he says to me

I was like wondering to myself, Like, how heavy can these drawings get, right?
Wrong thought!
I looked at the long rolls of the large-sized papers; possibly A2 or something rolled together in a scroll and still told myself, "how heavy could these possibly get, it's paper"

When I tried to life one roll, I almost fainted.
It was so heavy that it was unimaginable.
Yeah, perhaps I was weak too, but even the big guy mentioned it was really heavy!

He kept telling me to drive my car over and I told him I could manage.
I thought it was one roll; then he said, there is another roll.

He laughed and kindly, he offered to bring these to my car.
Thank God!

However, he helped to carry only one roll; leaving me with the other roll.

Oh my gosh, I felt like a labourer (no offense meant here) when I was heaving these rolls of drawings (what kind of silly drawings are these anyway) to my car.

Then he had the cheek to tell me, "Oh, actually we do have the soft copies of these drawings which I can send to your colleagues if you want, but we thought it would be easier if we gave them the hard copies directly so that they can refer"

If I had a knife....goshhhh

And...that's how I ended up with all the muscles aching over me today; actually even since yesterday.
I think they should consider including fitness test into their interview subsections the next time they want to hire an engineer...