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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Poor workers!

Last weekend when it was so hot and we were melting even with the air-conditioning on in the car, I was taking in the view while passing by the roads.

I spotted a few construction workers on top of a building in the middle of construction under the very hot sun and I felt a spot of sudden guilt in my heart.

Here I am, seated comfortably in the soft cushioned seat in an air-conditioned car and I was complaining about how hot it is and how bad the A/C is, and there was this bunch of people who had to rough it all out and under the HOT SUN.
The temperature must be almost 40 degrees celsius out there and there is definitely no A/C; there was not even any sign of wind that time and these people must be sweating their glands out but they are still stuck there.

I really felt so guilty for being so comfortable or just enjoying my weekends lazing around while these people had to work and sweat it out on our rest days.

Am I worrying too much again? I don't know, I just felt pity for them and realized how fortunate we are...
Had there not been for them, we would not have comfortable houses to stay in or cool offices to work in.....but they are just, oh, so pitiful!