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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Thank you for the Palm!~

The past Sunday was Palm Sunday; the day which marked the journey into the holy week where Christians all over the world observe the passion of our Lord Jesus Christ before Easter.

It is considered the most solemn period of the year; and fasting and abstinence, penance are all practised during this time.

Palm Sunday was a celebration, a day where we celebrate the highest point of triumph in Jesus's life as a man on earth as he enters Jerusalem.
It was also well known as the Sunday of the Lord's Passion and palm trees were symbolic as a sign of respect from the people who lay it down before Jesus when He entered the city.

We celebrate the triumph of the Lord, praising him for his coming, and it was truly the event which marks his glory and power as a man.

It is funny how when one man reaches his peak of glory, the next path is the way down the drain.
This is true for all of us, and Jesus as well, as he was crucified within the same week; whipped and humiliated by all in public after such a glorious moment on this Sunday.

That was why Palm Sunday was also known as the Sunday of the Lord's Passion as it marks the beginning of the Lord's journey to his death, to fulfill our Father's will and to redeem us, sinners.
It was probably the last celebration before Easter; as we journey into a solemn period to observe what Jesus is about to endure.

I went to church on Sunday; and I did not have a palm in my hand.
I was a little sad, as I recalled how I used to go with my family and we used to have a few branches of palm leaves in our hands; happily counting where we would place the blessed palms in each area of the house.

My family left on Saturday, and since I was spending time with them, I had no time to look for palm leaves and furthermore, I don't own a palm tree myself.

I did spot a few palm trees on the road; and also in residential neighbourhood but come on, that is such a despicable and downright dishonest act and I don't feel that it is that glorious or respectable for such a happy occasion.
Yeah, I still practise what I learnt in Moral lessons back at school.

I felt left out when I was in the church grounds; where everyone was with their families or with close friends, and even a small boy holds a palm leaf in his hand.

Perhaps it was my little reward or perhaps the Lord did not want me to feel left out, as suddenly a middle-aged lady walked towards me and passed me a palm leaf, saying, "Sister, a palm for you?"

She just pushed the palm into my hand and gave me such a nice and sweet smile, that I was stunned for a while, before smiling in return and said, "Thank you" and I silently prayed, "Bless her kind soul, Lord"

I also prayed and thanked the Lord for his blessing as I truly felt lightened up.

I think He was trying to tell me, "You are not Alone, I am always here with you"

Perhaps I was being imaginative, but I always felt that the Lord is right there beside me especially when I have a tiny hint of sadness in me.

Then the priest went on to talk about how we should look around us, and make peace with people whom we don't like or do not like us during this week as it is a week of reconciliation.

It is a time to reflect and look into our very own family relationships and try to see in each and every one around us, the living Christ in them.

I think I have just found one; the lady who had given me the palm leaf; and many many more around me.

My parents who had cared for me since I was young and would never criticize or discriminate for anything that I have done

My best friends who will never give up their trust on me and have confidence in everything I do

My uncle who always believed in my capabilities and stand there supporting me all the way since I was a baby girl

Colleagues who have been helping me out when I am distressed or being taken advantage; who speak up for me in unjust situations.

Church members who smile at me even though I am new in the church and even introduced themselves to me

I am sure there are many more out there that although I do not list them out here, I silently thank God for their presence each day and also for their happiness.
There is a Christ in every one of us, we just need to be proud of HIM =)

Praise the Lord and may you be blessed with the Lord's passion this week, as we journey with him towards another triumphant celebration.

Have a blessed and meaningful Holy Week!~