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Friday, August 27, 2010

Bravo to another driver

Oh ya, on the topic of interesting drivers, I noticed some interesting driving behaviors on the road when I was stuck in the horrendous 3-hours traffic jam yesterday.

There was only one lane on the road and somehow some ingenious drivers managed to create an extra lane on the left, for whatever reason which we are all aware of (to jump queue!)

Anyway, in front of us was this Honda Civic; and the rude intruder on his left was a Toyota Altis which was rather persistent in and dangerously trying to work his way in.
On our side was a White Myvi which was attached to a driving school.

We enjoyed the little drama in front as the Honda Civic was rather defiant as well and refused to give way to the Altis which was seriously annoying and constantly try to ram his way in!

As we approached a narrower section (after slowly inching for what seemed like hours), I noticed the Honda's driver rolling down his passenger seat's window (which was next to the Altis driver's side.

What happened next caught me by surprise (it may not be surprising to some of you, I know, I am a little doe).
The Honda driver HONKED at the Altis driver and I think he showed some kind of bad sign or something and guess what, the Altis stayed by the side and allowed the Honda to move forward first.

WOWWWWWW, I mean, like really really WOW!
That was an amazing thing, and I have to say, this is one brave action I applaud!
It may be a little rude, but I didn't think the Altis had a lot of manners either if they do things like jumping queue!

I'd say, BRAVO to the Honda driver and to the Altis, it really a lesson to be learnt not to cut into the queue the next time there is a traffic jam.
It really doesn't make you a hero!

And the Myvi next to us, who badly wanted to shine as a hero, didn't get his way with us either as we didn't give way to him as well.
I just think that it's obnoxious and absolutely unacceptable that a driving institution sets horrid examples like these.

What is going to happen to our roads in the future? I dare not see...