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Friday, August 27, 2010

Washing machines - friendly...or NOT?

Don't get me wrong, I love anything that is associated in technology.
Hey, I studied something related to technology and I grew up in a technological era anyway.
I do adore technology and I worship technology (okay, not in the Godly kind of way because I still believe in GOD Himself)

I am thrilled to have stuffs like washing machine and fridge, and I would even want to get a robotic sweeper/vacuum cleaner if I can.
I missed the washing machine so much, and I was so happy to finally have aid in washing clothes (now I sound like such a lazy housekeeper)

However, I've learnt that you do not simply throw stuffs into the washing machine OR to make sure that you're sober before you throw anything into the machine.
I absent-mindedly and absurdly threw my favorite pair of bedroom slippers into it and look at what it has done to them...
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Poor Pooh, that must have hurt a lot....

And this is the culprit, HE did it! Convicted....
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