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Friday, August 27, 2010

It is NOT His fault....

Today I was driving back from town in the afternoon, heading home and I stopped at this traffic light at the main junction of Sg Dua (where N Park/Sunnyville is on your left and USM is on your right?)

The lights soon turned green for our lane and I was surprised to see that I am not able to move yet (the car in front did not move)
There was a honk and I noticed that the two cars in front of me; a Citra and a CRV moving out towards the right.
I followed pursuit and I noticed the main reason we are held back, a car put on the hazard lights and just stopped there.
I think it broke down or something.

Now, the astonishing part was this; this Citra honked at the car, and that's not enough. The driver rolled down his window and just rudely waved his arm at the broke down car, like the sign language of saying "What the hell"

I think otherwise, "What the h*** is wrong with this Citra driver?"

I mean, who asked to break down in the middle of the road?
Do you seriously think that the driver really enjoyed not being able to drive off when the light turned green?
It is enough that he had to endure and to figure out how to get his car out of there and fixed.

It is really NOT his fault!

Sometimes some people can just be so inconsiderate and insensitive....