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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Blog Updates

This being my main blog portal, I will be updating on all the statuses of the other blogs over here as well to wrap things up a bit on what I have been blogging as well.
Of course, alternatively, you can check out the right side of this blog and notice the other blog updates (only the last entry will be shown)

Since yesterday, I have been actively updating my Starry Starry Night blog; a blog which I keep for interesting stories such as legends, supernaturals, divine beliefs, religion, etc.
If you are the type who enjoys stories like these, you can check the blog out.
Recent postings:

Month of the Hungry Ghost has started
Difference between Hungry ghost festival and Ching Ming
What are Hungry Ghosts?
Do's and Don'ts during the Ghost Month
Cowherd and Weaving Girl Story
Hungry Ghost stories: Dead Man Feasting

My Food Blog
Restaurant in Mahkota Cheras
Young Hearts Cuisine

More updates coming up soon in the other blogs...stay tune, happy reading!~