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Thursday, August 26, 2010

THE Traffic Jam last night....

Here, I finally got these photos out from my phone....if you didn't believe me, look at the photos of the massive traffic jam on Penang island last night.
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The traffic jam which landed me 3 hours on the road, inching from one tiny weeny point to another and not close enough to hit the bumper of another car (thankfully)
I had a skilled driver next to me anyway ;)

The traffic jam which resulted in me having dinner at almost 9pm, and having to go to sleep later than usual because I had to digest the food!

This reminded me of the same traffic jam I got caught in at the Penang Bridge 4 years ago when there was this overturned truck/oil tanker on the bridge and I was stuck there for 4 hours!

Look at this, I am not on a new road; still the same old road, just that the car in front of me is not the one from the first picture because the poor frustrated driver made a quick U-turn to get out of this horrendous traffic predicament!
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I seriously thought I was going to be stuck there like, forever (a bit exaggerated), but it really felt like that!

*Shudders at the thoughts of the traffic jam last night*

Thank God I got home before morning, right?