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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Good and Bad Day

Yesterday was like any usual day, stepping into the office, checking emails and ticking off stuffs from my list to do.

I received a rather rude and sarcastic email from a customer and it was really upsetting to me.
I do not like nasty stuffs, and it was definitely not a great way to start the day.

Wednesdays are supposed to be wonderful, whimsical, be-Witching, wizardly, whopping, witty, and many more but definitely not "what-the" first thing in the morning when you logged into your Outlook.

However, the good thing about this was that, I realized that I was not really that emotional like how I used to be anymore.
In fact, I think I am starting to have a bit of a nonchalant attitude about things like these, and not letting them get into my head as I used to.

I remember my family and colleagues and even my boss telling me to ignore, as all these are just part and parcel of life (and work!)
If we were to get annoyed with every single thing we get, life would indeed be very short!

I felt unusually calm and composed as I read through the email and slowly typed my comeback; a nice and polite one to reply to his email.

Maybe I have started to learn to de-stress, or maybe my family's medical history has certainly taken a seat at the back of my mind.
I do not want to invite any inevitable illness to make myself suffer; I just want to stay healthy and that includes my mental health too.

Anyway, like how old people used to say, "The ship will straighten itself when it comes to the dock" (A Cantonese saying that things will always be right eventually)
Yes, despite the ugly turns (there was another following email to reply to mine with an even more nasty and ugly comeback from the customer), I was getting calls from concerned colleagues (who are now more like friends to me) who advised me on the solution to the customer's problem.

They were concerned and also felt the impact of the customer's words and decided to stand behind me as a team to counter and calm the customer down.

Well, I took it in a stride, I felt happy that I did not let myself get all emotional or upset over the whole incident.
Maybe I am more composed now, or maybe I am just getting wiser...and that means I am getting older?