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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Stuck for 3 hours!

Can you believe what just happened?

I was stuck in a crazy traffic jam which lasted for almost 3 hours!
The cars are not moving; I am not even in a bumper-to-bumper kind of crawl....it was a stationary; as if time has stopped and all the cars just stopped moving!!!

Wow, I doubt even one with most patience can bear to watch how one's car move an inch in every 10 minutes!

I am glad I finally got home, I thought I'd never make it....it seemed so far away....
Thank God for finally reaching home.

I still don't understand what caused the jam; but I am attributing it to the fact that tomorrow is a public holiday, and I heard that those states observing this holiday tomorrow are facing the same predicament in the traffic condition.

So, sometimes holidays are great and cool, but not the days before the holiday huh?