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Thursday, August 26, 2010

The income tax rebate but Wrong name

I have received a letter from LHDN (for those who are not familiar with Malaysia's abbreviations, that is short for Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negara; which simply means the Internal Revenue Board - your one stop for Income Tax)
Yes, these are the blood suckers who pinch percentages of your hard-earned salary against your will (using the law) and use it goodness knows where.

It was a delight to hear that I am getting a refund from the income tax I've paid for the past year. (again, not really a delight as this simply means that I have been over-taxed!! No wonder I was a few dollars short each month, LOL!)

Anyway, I was happy to find the cheque although I frowned at the order of my name on the cheque.
They put the surname right in front of my given name followed by my Chinese name and I was wondering whether this will go through.
This has happened before, and the bank often rejects your cheques when they do not follow your registered account name; word for word.

Well, I noticed the IC number on the cheque; okay, I guess that would be of help and so, with that in mind, I headed to the bank to bank in my cheque.

Two days later, I had gotten a phone call from the bank, requesting me to go to the counter as they are unable to bank in my cheque.

I drove there; with the nagging feeling that it is because of the name, and sure enough, my queries were confirmed when I was informed that the name does not meet the registered account name.
I nodded and then asked them again, "But it has my IC on it, and you can check my IC to verify my identity"

To be greeted by "I'm sorry Miss, you'll need to request for this cheque to be re-issued by the issuing party. We are unable to process this due to security reasons"

(HEY, I understand the security reasons or mock identity but I have my IC, passport and even Birth certificate if you want it or you can also contact my parents, relatives, colleagues or whoever who knows me to confirm that the name on the cheque is definitely me!!! Furthermore, I have such a unique surname I don't think can be duplicated so easily unless you fly out of the country)

*Secretly thinks to myself* I must change to another bank next time

As if she had heard me saying, she quickly added, "I think it's the same with other banks, all the banks have this same security rule"

I reluctantly nodded and smiled and thanked her politely, silently cursing the LHDN and wondering how she can possess telepathy skills.

Anyway, I faxed the cheque back to LHDN and wrote on the letter my specific request and the correct order of my name to be addressed to.

That was more than a month ago.

Last week, I received the letter from LHDN; two letters in fact, informing me that they had processed my request and in the other letter, my new cheque.

You guessed it, the same name on the first cheque which I requested for a change!!!


Don't they understand my message? I wrote it not in English, but in perfect and grammatically correct Bahasa Malaysia!

And DARN my previous company which follows the American style by putting our surname first and now everything is messed up in the LHDN system.

Ughs, I have got to to make that direct trip to the LHDN office and rectify this...and boy, I heard that I've got to be real early to avoid the jam inside the office...LONG queues ahead huh?

Queueing for my own rebate? Unheard of....