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Monday, August 09, 2010

It's a Family Matter

It is something to do with the family; we have just heard some bad news from our relatives in Singapore.
My Grandaunt who must be over 90 (or almost 100) just passed away due to old age last Friday.

Arrangements had to be made immediately to attend grandaunt's funeral on Monday morning.

Our parents went on behalf of us, as she was the aunt of my dad and uncle while I prayed for her from the North.

Grandaunt was a senior figure to our generation and with that, I meant my cousins and I.
She speaks in a very deep accent in our dialect and it was really difficult for us to understand her sometimes without a thesaurus.

Of course, she was a great lady whom I remembered as one who bore such a striking resemblance to my grandfather (she was his younger sister anyway).
She is a cautious and wise lady but definitely one healthy lady!
I do hope that I inherited that gene; HEALTH!

Will I leave up to 90 or at least over 80, because it seems to be the trait in the family as well (or at least on my paternal side).
I am trying to imagine myself at 80, and still blogging...that'd be great.

Sad and shocked as I may be, I am praying that she had finally reunited with grandpa and her husband in heaven and watching over us, making sure that us younger generation never mess up our lives.

Rest in peace grandaunt, and I am sure you will always be remembered