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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

It's back to work again....

After a nice and long break in conjunction with Nuzul Al Quran (sorry for those who don't get to enjoy this holiday) and Independence Day, it's time to be back to work again.

Should I say Yeay?

I doubt any of us would say Yeay to the return of the mundane lifestyle we had; waking up (or not being able to wake up and dragging one's feet out of bed), driving to work, checking and replying emails/emptying inboxes of emails which never stop arriving, and then driving home and dinner and going to bed (or some may have more work to do), and sleep for a few hours and having a hard time waking up all over in the morning.

Is that anything to Yeay about?
Not unless you truly love what you are doing; which is basically damaging our own health.

Sometimes, we wonder, what we are doing, or is what we are doing worth everything we have

Think about it, while we beat the off cycle Wednesday blues....back to work!