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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Consolidating my blogs - please update your bookmarks

"You have too many blogs, I have lost track!"
This is the comment that I have been getting from everyone and anyone I know.

I often laughed and chuckled as it was just typical of me; being the indecisive and also with my multiple interests and constant need for multitasking, I ended up creating blogs for almost everything and anything I wanted to write about.

This blog, Angelstar Blog Haven marks the start of my blogging journey, and was what inspired me to write in the first place.
It was the ONLY blog back then, where I wrote about everything in this single blog.
It remains my main domain to this day, and I am still really proud of her.

The blog then slowly expanded to a new food blog, which I created to capture all my eating adventures; me being that picky person who is very particular with what she eats.
It's really not a great thing to show off; being someone who is so selective when there are so many out there living in starvation.
I will try to change my habits, it will take time, I have my allergies and dislikes. I am still human, after all.

The food blog began my expedition of capturing interesting food, which I eat or don't eat, and all those banquets and gatherings with family and friends, and no meal is left out of my camera's radar, and no one will touch the food served on the table before I take a snapshot.
Ahhhh, the power of my food blog on my close and loved ones =)
yumyumbites.blogspot.com aka Food Diary of a Pickyeater remains one of everyone's favorite blog to check out what I have been feeding myself.

Feeling rather personal, I have also gone into creating a little diary for myself, the name of the blog stemming from this special and unique acronym my darling created for me when we first met and how he would always tease me with it before we embarked on our magical and lovely journey.
That was the birth of my DPCS Princess Diary blog.

I loved travel, and it did not take me long to realize that I would want to capture all my travel tales into a blog; somewhat like a scrapbook or something like that and therefore, I created a few travel blogs before finally settling on Christy's Traveblogue

The list of blogs further expanded; and I launched into a rather crazy mode by creating blogs for my movie/tv reviews (Movie Bugz)
I had a loud voice and opinion on feminism; and therefore, I started my Voices of Eve

The list goes on, and I even have a blog dedicated to my favorite books; reviewing all the books I have read and want to read.
Thus the birth of From Angelstar's Shelves

Another interesting blog of mine is the Starry Starry Night which carries all the tales, myths, superstitions which I enjoyed sharing from my ancestors and elders; or from books I have read or even hearsay!
This may sound like a spooky blog but it was actually a very educational and most satisfying blog I have, giving me a whole new perspective of all the unexplainable things happening around us.

I have another blog on my strong opinions and beliefs; My Thoughts and My Words
and my last and most recent girly blog.

Anyway, all the blogs above have come to a certain maturity and timeline and recently, in my sane frame of mind, I will be consolidating most of my blogs and streamlining them to a few blogs only which you can start to bookmark to check on the specific stuffs:

(Comprehensive and consolidated list for easy access, I promise)

1. NEW MAIN Portal; Christy's Life Journal (replacing Angelstar Blog Haven, DPCS Princess Diary, My Thoughts and Words)

2. My Food Diary

3. My Travel Blog

4. My Movie Blog

5. All things supernatural and mythical; Starry Starry Night

The above 5 are the main blogs to bookmark in your browser from now on; as I will be spending time on them.
You can access most of the other blogs from the main portal, but these will be the five main blogs from now on =)

Stay tune for more updates.....