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Friday, July 31, 2009

Raining..on Saturday

It's raining..on Saturday...
Life just is a bliss...

(tune from Grease's "It's raining on Prom Night")

It's been a really hot and humid week (though I was feeling cold most of the time since I was sick)

It's really a relief that I woke up to the delightful sounds of rain pattering on the roofs and on the tar road this morning

The best part is, it's a SATURDAY!!
Lovely lovely

No work and it's SATURDAY

It's just pure bliss

Curl up with a good book or blog?
There seems to be tonnes of things to do
Yet I just feel so content with the weather
Although at the back of the mind I am still worried about the issue at work


and it's raining

I gotta stop thinking about work
No work, I can't be such a workaholic!