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Thursday, July 23, 2009

A H1N1 fever~

The A H1N1 endemic is really creating an outbreak as we continuously hear about quarantine cases and how schools in a few states are being closed down after testing some of the students positive.

My colleagues were also discussing this in a pretty heated-up mode and of course, everyone is really concerned with the arising number of the cases reported in the country.

The funny thing is when one of the colleague started sneezing and then he coughed while he was at the photocopy machine.

One of them immediately teased him, "A H1N1 ah?"

Then another continued, "If yes, then come nearer but not face to face!"

"HUH? Why ler?"

"So that, we can be quarantined because we are in the proximity of a suspected patient but we won't catch it ourself!
Weiii, 1 week quarantine at home....no need to work, YEAYYY!!"

That's the episode of my crazy colleagues....:p