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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Listen to the Burstin' Pipe!

Tick tick tick
Tock Tock Tock...

That's how it all started...No, it's not the clock ticking away the time BUT.. a small leakage on the pipe underneath the sink in the bathroom inside my bedroom
Initially, it was just trickling down and I just put a basin underneath it, thus creating that tock tock sound when it hits the hard surface

I had to sleep with this soft rhythm; and as I was about to travel on a business trip two weeks ago, I thought that I shall contact my landlord when I am back

When I came back last week, whoa, I found that all the pails and basin nearby were filled with water, bringing me to believe that it is no longer a small leakage

That's when I started listening to a leakage which sounded like a rainforest at night and I had immediately contacted my landlord

During the weekend, however, the pipe burst...as I saw the source of the sound!
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(Picture is illustration from web; not from the actual pipe)

Gosh, that's when I felt like I was listening to gushing waters from the sea....

It felt like I was in the sea or something
I had to call for help; and obtained number of a plumber from the guardhouse while waiting for the landlord to come over

The plumber came earlier; and we had to wave him away as the landlord is on his way and then to our surprise, the Indian guard who brought him in; started to scold us!

WHAT ON EARTH is wrong with him?
He started complaining that we should not have called; that we are playing around and that we should settle with the plumber!
The plumber, on the other hand was a very nice guy who was willing to wait for our landlord to see whether his service is needed.

I was really annoyed by the guard's attitude, seriously!

My landlord arrived soon enough, and then he decided that he'd be able to fix the problem himself and claimed that the fees charged by the plumber is too expensive for him (well, who could blame the plumber right, it's after all a Sunday and he had to come all the way from his place which was quite far. To be honest, I think his fees are quite reasonable)

Well, whatever, as long as it is fixed before it became this...
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Now, I can finally sleep in peace everynight....I mean as in quiet environment.... :D