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Monday, July 20, 2009

Cursed...by a woman

What did I do?

I was just driving on the right way; coming straight and heading straight on a 4-lane road and there was this woman; a plump and stocky woman of about 5 feet 2 who was crossing the road.
I already saw her from far and she was taking her own sweet time crossing the road when I saw her.

As my car was approaching, I was already slowing down and she sort of stopped, in the middle of the road.
I had to BRAKE and as she was confused as to move left or right, I had to steer my car out of the way. She stood there and I just drove past here; leaving her pointing and shouting at me loudly.

(I could hear the shout; although I cannot make out what she was saying but I don't think it's anything good anyhow)

Sighs, what a bad day huh, I had to be cursed...
I just hope she got over her anxiety...and learn to cross the road properly and look out for cars when she is crossing the road.

Who's wrong or who is right, well, most important is no one is unhurt