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Friday, July 10, 2009

MJ buried without a brain?

MJ's funeral and memorial service probably topped the world's charts of being the most viewed; and maybe even in history!

It remains a mystery to this day where he is buried; and it was even more surprising when I heard that the legendary pop star is buried without his brain.

Apparently, his brain was still being held for autopsy to determine his cause of death and to rule out foul play (or any other reasons suspected).
It seems that this is a common practice in the States; to carry out a full-bloom post mortem following one's death to ascertain their cause of death.
The brain will be returned to the family members after the process has been completed.

Well, it's pretty interesting how things like these occur all the time in the world around us, ain't it?

Brain or no-brain, it's just temporary...and everyone still hails the King of Pop who is still a genius to us; may he truly rest in peace.