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Thursday, July 16, 2009

The final element is....Earth!

Following the post on the series of unfortunate events in my office; today we are surprised by yet another discovery.

After careful analysis, I have divided this whole week's events into the following categories; associated with the five elements

1. Fire (Admin's computer burnt; with smoke emission from the monitor and the CPU)

2. Wind (Electricity went out and the air-cond malfunctioned)

3. Water (on Wednesday, the water dispenser leaked and wet the pantry carpeted floor)

Today, we came to the office and found that the phones are not working.
Our engineer assisted and found that the PABX malfunctioned.
The engineer tried to dismantle to find out the root cause; and guess what....

the capacitor melted onto the PCB board....
which brings us to the 4th element; Metal!

Now there is only one left; no prize for guessing what it is going to be...

Are we going to be faced with earthquake soon here?

Even the maintenance/service contractor we called threw their heads back and laughed when they heard of our complaints again this morning....

What could the element of earth be?

It must be the Feng Shui....or some curse....jinxed.....