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Friday, July 17, 2009

Almost Denied access...by 0.2!

Two days ago, I was heading to a customer's site for a meeting and upon arrival, as usual, I need to report to the guardhouse and register my details.

This time, I had to fill in an additional form for the factory; and it's the A H1N1 compliance form.

Oh well, basic questions, whether I have traveled to affected countries, whether I have the following symptoms.
Of course, I understood the need for that and obliged

Well, that's not the most embarrassing part; to fill up the form.
The guard suddenly appeared next to me while I was filling up the form.

I was surprised to see him but he just smiled and said, "Can I take your temperature, miss?"

He was holding this device in his hand which reads from a short distance without the device making physical contact with my skin.

I was too stunned then!
Wow, to this extent?

He then exclaimed, "Wow, very high temperature! Miss, you demam ke?" (Are you having a fever?)

I laughed and told him in return, "Encik, it is so HOT out there, anyone could have high temperature!"

As I filled the form, he guided me, by telling me to tick 'No' for the columns on Cold, Sore Throat, Difficulty in Breathing (you call that health check??)

When it came to the fever column, he told me to write down my temperature; which was 37.8 degree Celsius and the passing point is 38 degrees.

He laughed and told me, "0.2 degrees only, and you will be denied access!"

Now, that's one funny thing....I was almost denied access by 0.2 Degree Celsius!!

Anyway, I think that's a preventive measure taken by the factories and MNCs these days.
However, I think the security guard should have put on a mask and gloves as well since he is in contact with most of the visitors.
If one of the visitors is actually suspected of A H1N1, don't you think he's the one at risk?

Time to take a closer look at those preventive measures to make sure they are effective too, and not just denying access by the temperature..LOL!