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Friday, July 10, 2009

Do not put your bag on the seat!

I've just come back from a business trip (training) on Thursday and upon my arrival at home, I was greeted by this news from my housemate

'She fell prey to a snatch thief on Wednesday morning'

Location: Sunway Tunas new development area, Bayan Lepas

I made up a mental picture in my mind; thinking that she was probably carrying her handbag and was walking on the five footway or the road when a man just snatched her bag from behind or something like that.

Then she told me how it happened

It seems that she was driving in her car; with her bag sitting comfortably on the passenger seat.
She was trying to park her car or something and was winding down her window to pay the parking attendant when a Malay man; in his twenties, held his hand and grabbed her bag from the seat and then took off.
It happened too fast; according to her, and he escaped using those man-holes along that area that made it impossible for her to catch up with him.

She was left stunned; and with a string of reports to make at the local police station on her lost documents. She even had to call up her banks to cancel/freeze her credit cards....all the trouble she had to go through, the poor girl!

I'm actually really shocked with what happened; especially since it is here in Penang.
Previously, all such outrageous cases happened only in the city (KL) and other states are still mild in their crimes.
However, this incident serves as a wake-up call to all of us...for not taking things for granted.

I grew up in the city; and therefore I have always been living with paranoia. It is not a bad thing; especially for us ladies, to be always on the watch out for any suspicious characters.

It is so ironic that the day I was leaving from home, my mom was just telling me not to put my bag on the passenger seat. When my dad said to put underneath the passenger seat, my mum argued that it is safer to put it underneath my own seat (driver's seat)

When I discussed on the incident with my housemate, she said the same thing. It is safest to have it beneath our own seats.

This round, my Mummy said it's best not to carry any bag around. Keep my carry-around-belongings to the minimum; and try to put them all into pockets to avoid all these nightmares.

I think my Mummy's right, at least their advices are not without reason...and at the right time.
I think it's always best to listen to our elders, they know best:)

So to all the ladies out there, do be extra careful.
If you have to carry your handbag, try to avoid putting your valuables in it...I know it sounds absurd to be carrying your handbag for nothing but it's a sacrifice to make than to lose everything and going through all the nightmare, right?

God bless all of you, and be safe!