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Monday, July 20, 2009

Calculative People

Have you ever encountered people who are just very very calculative?
They are so specific and to the dot that you find yourself just shaking your head at them?

Well, I have and there seems to be endless of them.
I don't mind them that much; as long as they don't mind me.
However, what happens when you encounter these at work?

"Erm, can you do this please?"
"Haaahhh, I am sorry, you need to look for this person wor..."

Some people may have the information; but they will choose to wait for you to come back to do it; even if it means rushing it at the very last minute.

So, if you think you have coverage during your absence (be it for meetings, on leave, sick leave, out of office), well, you think wrong!
Get yourself back here and do it yourself, because you ain't got nobody to help you out at all... and the work or task cannot be completed without you and you alone.

Without you, life may not go on.....what can we do about people like these?