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Friday, July 31, 2009

A MIScommunication?

After all the big hoo-ha while I am sick, I found out that it was all due to a miscommunication, which is due to one missing email???

Oh MY!

Nobody could make any decision and no one bothered to even lift a finger to do anything

Nobody bothered to find out the detail

All kept waiting for me to do it

Yesterday, all I did was just to pick up the silly phone and make that call and ALL was sorted out right!

The best part is, my colleague is aware of that missing link
They mentioned that they saw the answer in the email
It's just they were copied in the loop and it was a corresponding email

The email sender did not specifically address it to her although she was copied
And that's why she cannot proceed
She needs an email which is specifically directed to her name to inform her on the instructions before she can proceed


This issue only involves an amount of tax and charges of about RM3,000++ to RM4k and guess what?
They have sounded the alarm all the way to my boss (VP) who cannot decide, then on to the department head who cannot approve and they got back to me by saying that only the CFO can approve?

They suggest that I'd talk to the customer on my end
WOW......just for this amount?

I got it sorted out in less than 15 minutes
There's always a solution
I figured out 2 options; which probably do not need any authorization, even if I may need to withstand some cursing and scolding

I am telling you, you cannot fall sick or go away on vacation
Because believe me, the operations really DO cease when ONE is not around

This is definitely not a joke
And it does not matter whether it is a huge or small amount which may not be at your level of authorization

No joke, I must remember to stay intact to the office or my work 24/7, 365 days a year
Better still, maybe I should be on call at all times?