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Friday, July 17, 2009

A Meeting on....a SURVEY???!!!

Oh, following from the last post, as I was laughing over the Live Meeting incident, I forgot to mention the topic of the meeting.

I wondered what was so urgent about the meeting that they need everyone to attend; they mentioned something about our Employee Performance system which required all of our attention.

When we tuned into the meeting, it was actually about this new Employee survey thing set up for us to provide feedback on our managers!

Oh my, first time doing this?
Why do we need a briefing or a training on how to answer 10 questions on our boss?

It seems that they launched this 2 years ago, and then they stopped last year and this year, they decided to revamp and do it all over again.

So guess what, we all had to endure the staying back in the office on Friday (of all days) to listen to how to do a survey!!!

Sometimes, this company just never fails to surprise me......oh my