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Friday, July 31, 2009

No Point...

I am exhausted by this no-coverage work now
It seems like there is no one else doing anything
No one else cares
No one else is willing to help out
No one else is concerned
No one else will volunteer to pick up things from where they are left

Everyone is just in their own world
Pushing things off at their arm's length
Saying no to everything that is not theirs

Have you ever been in this kind of situation where you are even called non-stop and continuously when you are seriously ill?
You can't even breathe a minute without being bugged for this detail and that

Perhaps this is a norm everywhere
But I have to say I am tired

I have had enough!

There is no teamwork at all
What is the point to do anything?
Don't go fooling people by painting such a beautiful image of your organization when you are hiring
When you clearly know that rundown shack behind it

People are just way too self-centered
Can't wait to see others suffer in their self-destruction

Do you see any point to do anything for people like that?
Is there any point to even do anything at all?

Yeah, it's great when you mess up something
And you ask for help

And all you get is, you need to do it yourself

I think I should run my own company
And do my own things
Since clearly, I am already on my own right now

There is NO POINT, no POINT at all...