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Friday, July 17, 2009

Live Meeting 101

Yesterday, we were invited to attend this meeting or so-called briefing by our Corporate HR at 4.30pm.
(Boy, I hate it when they hold meetings at this hour and on a Friday!)

Anyway, it is going to be a tele-conference between three sites; KL, Penang and Johor.

As I have mentioned, our telephone went out of order early yesterday but thanks (and no thanks) to the engineers, we managed to hook up the line again (they replaced the capacitor and tweaked the cables here and there) to make it in time for the meeting.
(that's why I said no thanks, else the meeting would've been cancelled!)

They then started to set up the computers and projector used for the conference; and I was busy with my work out there.
As I entered the meeting room past 4.30pm (past the meeting time), I realized that they were still in a mess; trying to set up their Live Meeting and some were complaining that they should be using NetMeeting.

They kept complaining that they were only seeing a blue screen/grey screen even after they have joined the meeting and figured that something was wrong with the pc used to share.
They then got another guy to get his laptop; but that guy had not even set up NetMeeting at all!!

Gosh!! I could've laughed out loud to see their messy states!

I tried explaining to them that they won't be able to see anything unless the other parties have started sharing but in the middle of the fuss, they seemed to not notice what I have said.

As the third guy sets up his laptop, they were wondering how to invite the third guy to join the meeting as they could not find the Forward mail button in the mail they opened.

I taught them, "Go back to Outlook, to your Inbox, right click on that mail and Forward"
They thanked me for that...LOL!

It took them a while to get everyone settled as everyone was very new to Live Meeting and finally they saw something when HR started to share (I've already told them that nobody shared anything, SIGHS)

Anyway, I guess nobody knows tele-meeting through Net or Live Meeting like the previous bunch of people I used to work with, HUH?

I missed those days....hahaha...