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Monday, July 13, 2009

The Haze is back..even after the downpour?

I am surprised that the heavy downpour during the weekend did not manage to clear away the dirty looming haze!

It is still back; and thicker than ever today....it's like snarling and snickering at us; mocking us at how they will never leave us and how powerless the rain and sun is against them

I can't stand the haze; it's just so annoying...
When will they ever stop burning and burning??
It's so frustrating that there's so many irresponsible people out there who just burn into the open space and yet, having the cheek to believe that they are just polluting their own air and is nobody's business...

At the same time, while many are suffering from the hazardous haze, there are still those back at home who burns their rubbish in the open space, adding more to the damage

Do we really need to seat these people down in classrooms and start telling them about the definition of haze and the negative effects it has on the environment?

Just when I thought I could open my windows to sleep at night and put away those menthol crystal beads....