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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Eve of Labor's Day

It's a long or a short week?
I don't know, feels like time has been flying past me anyway, with those crazy schedules.

What have I done this week?
Now, lots of reports, lots of meetings and traveling...oh, now that I've mentioned traveling..

I did a really crazy thing yesterday, I drove all the way to Lunas ( a few km from Kulim) to meet up with my friends over duck rice lunch
One is back from Singapore and the most important one, is to celebrate a friend's birthday
I had a totally crazy schedule to meet and I drove more than 20 minutes to sit down for a 30 minutes chat and then drive all the way back to Prai for my meeting
Ha! That's insanity I know:)

But it's good to see everyone again, and someone's got to be a lunatic somehow
I had a really long day yesterday and today, lovely weather, with the clouds and the rain (except when it just hit me wet when I was without an umbrella)

It's so nice to be thinking that a few hours later, and I have 3 days off work ahead of me
How awesome does that sound?

It's the Eve of Labor's Day...haha, I've invented Eve for every single occasion/event...it's fun, isn't it?
I'm still working my head off, but well, we are going to celebrate over our labor soon

Besides doctors, pilots and retail outlets, pretty much everyone will be granted this privilege to celebrate Labor's Day
I heard the government is also putting their thinking caps off for a day, haha, now that's pure respect to the day in honor of everyone's hard work

(At least it's better than some Doughnut appreciation day, we are appreciating man's labor)


Let's hope we don't end up like this
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