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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Road Block for pirated discs in car?

Sometime in the afternoon on Tuesday, I received an SMS informing me that there will be road blocks in Penang whereby the police will stop you to search for pirated discs in the car.
It is better not to have even one disc in the car.

Now, I was a little stunned by that, and thankfully, my car is not infested with CDs; only books and my toys...hehe:)

I believe they are looking for Movie, dramas pirated discs in bulks and surely not just a normal consumer?

I don't know, I did run through a police road block and the police did not stop me or any others.
In fact, they only halted all the motorcyclists.

I am not sure how true it was until I heard the news on the radio yesterday; "The Police are considering to search house by house for pirated discs"

Okay, now that's something to think about....but are they targeting those manufacturers or end users?

It was a campaign launched by the government to combat piracy...Anyone can shed any light on this?