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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Raining cats and dogs! Which comes first?

It rained so heavily on Tuesday; from 4pm onwards that everywhere was flooded in this little island.
The wet weather was then compensated with an extremely HOT and SHINING sun yesterday for the whole day that you would've thought that the skies had run out of water to shower upon you.

This morning, I was so happy to hear the trinkles of the water on the roof and I knew that it is back to the rainy day!

Oh for a HAPPY day; I have always loved the rain...it's like such a happy thing, that I felt like it's as happy as my own birthday.
Yeah, in that case, it is my birthday every time it rains!

Too bad we don't have snow here; I bet I'd love snow as well, although I'd have to compensate with wearing gloves and mufflers to protect myself from the cold...BRRR...

I do feel cold now too....and my fingernails are slowly turning blue...eeeeks!

Anyway, it's definitely raining cats and dogs since this morning with an occasional pause here and there but it's ongoing...LOVE it love it!

I know I am weird; most people would hate the rain since you can't go out, you hate getting wet, etc.
In fact, I know of one particular place which has a very density of rain was also one which had the highest suicide rates in the world.
Rain seems to have a depressing effect on people; but it doesn't on me =)

Now, back to the connotation of Cats and Dogs for rain.....it's funny how they use Cats and Dogs...
If you notice, Cats come before Dogs in the alphabetical order and also the way we say it each and every time.

How true, because we usually see a cat running in front when it is being chased by a dog right?
Hehe....just thought of this when I was driving and getting stuck in a very rare jam near the Bayan Lepas intersection...wonder what was the commotion about?

Anyway, Cats and Dogs are the only ones that apply....coz if you are looking at Boys and Girls, well, Boys come first in the alphabetical order but they are the ones chasing after girls right?

On the other hand, Boys seem to always have it in their head that they are first and should be in front...and that girls are always at the back.

Ahem...wake up, that was the century dream in the past...

I do not want to get started on the gender/sexism topic but to address the earlier point, we have a name for it..

It's called MCP...go figure!

Enjoy the RAIN!!