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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Bullock Cart on the road, I see

It is a rare sight indeed
A bullock cart on the road we meet
Two cows they were thin as can be
At the crack of the whip they yelp I can see
The Indian man wants them to be fast
Traffic's slow and on him all eyes were cast
Oh poor cows are treated with extreme unjust
A little humanity and kindess is all I ask

A little poem to capture a scene I saw on my way home from dinner on Monday; as I pass the road leading to my condo.
It was slightly after dusk and it was drizzling with the light pitter patter of the rain tapping slightly on the cement road.
I was in the car crawl; moving slowly on the road; and as I managed to manuever my car to move along the faster lane, the poem above described what I saw.

I guess it's probably the city blood in me; or perhaps the sympathy in me.
I could not imagine, let alone understand the need for a bullock cart in this contemporary age.
I know it is a good option to save the environment (reduction in petrol and release of the toxic carbon monoxide); but somehow, I could not help feeling a tinge of sympathy for those cows.

I mean, it is cruel to whip the poor animals to get going and furthermore, you are not riding on its bare back alone but there's like a wood platform strapped onto them which carries a load of wood/sticks.
Oh my, it almost seemed inhuman to me!

I guess that was one of the reason I was hesitant to learn horse-riding at one point. I felt that it was so cruel to order it to run just for my pleasure. If I like to be free all the time and not having someone on my back, then I guess this is exactly what the cows/horses feel too, right?

For the poor cows, for the love of the environment, I can't decide which is more important anymore.

And this definitely brings a whole lot meaning to "having someone constantly on your back", doesn't it?