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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Easier said...

Sometimes, some things are easier said when you don't really mean it

When you really mean it, it becomes really difficult

You don't know how to get those words out
Sometimes, it's so near to your lips but yet it's so hard to put it out
You just have to take a gulp and swallow your own words

You do not know what it takes to have that courage to say something to someone
Especially when you know it's going to hurt
And you don't want to hurt that person
But still, you can't bear to keep it in you anymore
You fight back those tears and ask yourself, " You've got to stop being like this, it's unfair"

BUT, it's still a BIG but, how do you say it?

It's so easy when you just blabber and laugh about it after a few jokes
Because you don't mean it at all

What if you really mean it?
Can you still laugh about it?
You know there's no turning back after those words
You know it will leave behind a trail of pain and tears
You know it's stupid to be looking for sadness when things aren't so bad
But deep down inside, you also know it's something which only you will know
Something that only you have to decide
And when it hurts someone else, does it not hurt you if it is kept inside
Do you not feel the same hurt and pain when you look into that person's eyes?
Do you not feel guilty when you are being treated so nicely?

How do you just utter those words?
Just a few words, but it can leave behind a drastic effect
I really don't know how
I really can't say it...
Although I know I have to...
Is there still a choice?

Why is it so hard when I really want to mean it?
Why is it so easy when I don't mean it?