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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Earth Hour and the insights

Earth Hour was a worldwide campaign which was carried out last Saturday (28th March 2009) where everyone around the world is required (I mean requested) to turn off all the lights or electrical appliances for one hour; starting from 8.30p.m.

During this one hour, we are expected to save energy which I've heard from the radio, I think they reported that it was equivalent to 32 tonnes of carbon.

I am sure there were supporters and of course, as usual the not-so-supportive group.
I would not banish them or criticize them as I believe that this is all voluntary. It needs to come from the natural will to make this a success.
The point of Earth Hour is to initiate change and to create awareness of our daily habits and how it could harm the environment.

At the same time, saving electricity not only benefits your pocket but also Mother Nature.
The carbon emitted to the environment is not so innocent, and the effects are far more than what you and I would have ever imagined.

It is time we do something and turn off those lights when not in need, or any electrical appliances and not just for that one hour.

Now, back to the interesting part, what did we do during that one hour of darkness?
Some dined in the dark, some danced in the dark, some gathered with their friends for a bonding session, and some shared secrets with their closest ones in the dark.

What did you do?
I was on the balcony of my house, avoiding to drive out in my car as that would also spoil the whole notion of this campaign.
I was counting the number of houses which turned off their lights by the time it starts.
To my disappointment, it seems that there are not many supporters in my neighborhood.

There was this funny house which turned off the lights but I think they were watching TV in there.
Oh well, it's still an effort, and I praise them for it.

That 1 hour, spent with thoughts and star-gazing, happily appreciating the wonders of God and at the same time, well, I was also disappointed with the count of the houses which turned off their lights.

I don't know about KL; I heard that it was quite 'dark' during that time...with Petronas Twin Towers participating and my friends actually dined in the dark!

Hehehe.....that's cool, I can think of a million more things to do during this hour and I bet most of you will think that I slept early, which was so wrong.

How could I miss to be a part of this historic and meaningful event?
Call it publicity, or whatsoever, I am glad and proud that I am aware and I have joined in the massive campaign to turn off my lights for ONE HOUR.

Does it make a difference?
IF the whole world realized and participated, I would say Mother Nature could at least breathe without any disruption for 60 minutes.
Remember, it is not the Earth Hour that is supposed to make the difference.

YOU are the one who is supposed to make the difference and make it Earth hour everyday!
So, you, switch off that light when not in use!