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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The MOST absurd Song

Have you ever been in an occasion where the people seem to play the wrong song to suit the theme of the occasion?
Sometimes it can be so wrong that you find yourself cringing so much that it's unbearable.
I do, and there are a few occasions I can relate to

Occasion 1: Farewell for colleague
Song: Seasons in the Sun (Westlife)
One of my colleagues received a farewell video with photos from his team and the song they used in the video was "Seasons in the Sun"
What is wrong?
Well, if you have heard this song before, you would know that this is not just any farewell song, it is actually a farewell for death.
The person in the song is about to die and he is relating how he is going to miss all the times with his family and friends.
It is supposed to be a freaking SAD and dying song!
What were they thinking?
And I tell you, the guy who received it was beaming and they even sang along...UGH!

Occasion 2: Message to Hubby
I need to describe this a little bit, I've heard this on the radio.
It was the peak hours after work and this lady called the radio station to tell her husband that she's waiting for him at home and just wanted to tell him how much he loved her.
The DJ dedicated a song to her husband who was stuck in the massive traffic jam
"If Tomorrow Never Comes" by Ronan Keating

What is wrong?
This is again so wrong; how could you even curse the happy couple this way!
The title itself is so wrong; are you trying to tell the wife that the husband may never come home or the wife may never survive the wait?
I think the DJ deserves a BIG knock on her head for playing this song!

Occasion 3: Wedding
Song played: Tell Laura I Love Her
What is wrong?
EVERYTHING is wrong!
This song is about a guy who sacrificed his life to buy a ring to be able to propose to his girlfriend and he DIED! Get it, he DIED!
Unless you want to curse the wedded couple a tragic end, then go ahead.
Enough said.

I totally do not understand all these people; do not just use the title alone for song dedication especially when it is such an important occasion.
The meaning is equally as important; and you may get away with it if you're lucky that the recipient has no idea about the song and just like you, know the song shallowly by its title and not the meaning.

Another song which I have heard at a wedding was "Friends" by Alan Tam (Chinese song)
Hmmm.....I thought wedding means they are more than friends?

I could come up with a long list on love songs or any song you should NOT play during any occasion....do you have any to share?