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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Queue Hoppers - The Curse of the White Cars

It was day filled with queue hoppers; I don't know whether you call that unlucky.

Since early morning as I was making my way to work, there was one car which just conveniently slid her white old Saga through while everyone was waiting in line at the traffic light and the queue wasn't even long!
Worse of all, she took the opportunity to breeze in so easily from the back while the lights turn green and I couldn't even stop her from doing that.
At that point, I was kinda frustrated at her behavior - I mean, it's not even a long queue, what's her problem!
I had the urge to honk at her; but I was thinking, am I in such a big hurry as well?

Then come afternoon, when I was heading back from the mainland to the bridge and I conveniently forgot my T&G card today (actually, there wasn't enough limit in the card as well) so I had to make my way to the back of the queue at one of those cash lanes in the middle while I enviously look at cars which breeze through at the T&G and SmartTag lanes.
(I think I was one of the last or 2nd last car in the queue; and again, it's not that long of a queue anyway).
Then again, another white Kelisa (what's with white cars anyway!!!) which came in from the right and tried to squeeze herself in.
I was like, 'WHAT on EARTH??"

I edged my car slightly to avoid her and at the same time, closer to the car in front (which happens to be a Toyota Vios), leaving bare enough space to even put your feet through.
Of course at the same time, I had to edge my car slightly to the right to bar THAT white car from coming in.
A lady driver with some really punked spiky hair and she was like so GANAS!
still trying to edge in and it was a few seconds tussle as I refused to budge, and inched closer and closer to the Vios.
Think she kinda gave up after a while and had to look for another victim!

YEAYY, victory for me!!!

I hit the bridge and it was a smooth sail; considering it was already 5.30pm.
Then comes Part 3 as I was approaching the bend to the Batu Ferringhi and Greenlane road.
This is where it is always, i repeat, ALWAYs congested with all the cars trying to get into the tunnel and of course, again, queue hoppers creating more lanes than necessary...GRRRR!!!

I was avoiding the tunnel, and tried to keep to the left; to hit the roundabout above the tunnel.
Guess what, I was already on the leftmost lane and still there were cars that can create a third lane with that small space left to white line!!
GOSH, and if you're guessing I am facing another white car again, you guessed right, only this time it wasn't a lady driver, it was an ahpek!!!
I was so tired of all these queue hoppers.....really tired, and I didn't want to bang against his car so I saw an opportunity to turn into the right lane and I did just that, of course, anticipating more hoppers since this is the favorite one-lane which caused all the congestion.

I didn't want to care and when I finally got home, I seriously breathed in relief!
It was seriously like a day of white cars and queue hoppers....
What is this, the Curse of the White Car Hoppers???

Arrrrrrrrggggggg......can we prosecute queue hoppers?

P.S.: Of course, that being said, I need to have a disclaimer that not all white cars are queue hoppers; neither are only white cars are queue hoppers.....just just beware of any car, danger may lurk even beneath those innocently pastel colored cars....
Just when you thought white is for innocence and purity....Pah!