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Thursday, March 05, 2009

HELLO Earthly Beings?

I am sure most of us have been switching from Friendster to Facebook (please do not let me know that you do not have a FB account because that would be so totally yesterday and do get one ASAP) and we have been receiving all these invitations to participate in stuffs like Earth Hour or something of that sort.

I applaud the awareness that is growing amongst us (finally, thank God) to know the harm that we have done to the environment and our beloved planet Earth (it sounds rather corny)

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Earth Hour is only one of them; to preserve energy and uniting the whole universe of earthlings to ensure it succeeds.

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(Picture taken from the web for illustration purposes - taken in Canberra)

But I guess it's still not a 100% win because I am pretty sure there are still some folks out there who do not have a facebook account.
Well, never mind, we still have banners hanging on the streets and also media commercials..unless you totally stuck your head in the ground when you walk, or worse still, you can't hear what they say on radio or TV...seriously I can't decide which is worse.

So definitely, these kind of activities which exudes so much 'semangat' and spirit seem to be doomed to fail because there are just some of us out there who just don't give a damn about what is going on around the world. They are just too busy focusing on their self-interests that all seems worthless of their time.

How many activities have been rallied for the environment amongst many other themes we have seen so far?
We have had recycling campaigns which most of the people responded well because it was a good way for them to clear their trash from their home; but well, it was well-intended anyway.
Then how about that going paper-less concept?
Do we still see it being looked into pragmatically?
Gosh, if you were to count the number of paper we were to collect in a day and to weigh it with a quarter, I guess I could be a millionaire in a month.

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Seriously, we get a slip of paper when we wait for our queue at the bank which was then thrown into a pile of slips which will be discarded when we reached our turn. Then we park our cars and we get a slip of paper to describe your time and a receipt when we leave the car park. Same goes for those MPPP or MPPJ folks, who just seem like they were never out of school, writing the car plate numbers like they were copying some examination tips in such a hurry.
Then we go to the supermarket to get our groceries and we get receipts after receipts.
And the parking system gives you cards and receipts (of course, you can choose not to print it)
Then how about dining in restaurants, you are still given printed receipts and some of the cafes require you to fill in a form (paper again!) to list your order.

Don't even get me started on the amount of forms we fill in when we are at the bank or any government institutions...and also our smart corporations who are so into the matter of compliance these days that I can't remember the number of forms we had to submit prior to doing something, I think even people working on several shifts will be punching their card lesser than the number of forms filled.

Tell you what, compliance or not, this is all crap and it's also non-compliant to the environment!

Forget about the paper-LESS environment, I think it's doomed to fail.
How about that going green for the environment by reducing the number of plastic bags we use when we do our grocery shopping by bringing our own environmental-friendly and reusable bags?

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How many of us are doing that?
And is everyone fully supportive of all these notions; I don't think so, I can still see hypermarkets and supermarkets still handing out their checked out goods in big smiling plastic bags to the customers....

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SIGHS, what does it take for everyone to really understand that our little part can make a big difference in the environment?
Is it that difficult compared to signing up for a Facebook account?
Is everyone totally that clueless or has everyone just turned a deaf ear and a blind eye to all the glaring banners and commercials on TV and Radio?
Not having a facebook account or not having your eyes and ears....or perhaps being ignorant to the existence of media...I can't decide which is worse