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Monday, March 23, 2009


The rainy spell is over
And the sun is back in action

I hate to admit that the rainy 'honeymoon' season is over
It may be inconvenient to be carrying your umbrellas everywhere or opening/closing them when you get in/out of the car
But the breeze is cool
when it blows in your face
And when you sleep at night, all you need is blanket and crinkling your toes underneath those sheets

Now when it's HOT, you are so heated up
There is no rain or cool breeze anymore
Only bright shining sun waiting to burn your skin

When it is rainy, you say Brrrrr
When it is sunny, I say GRRRRRR!!

Hate to say it, but fellas, this is SUMMER!!

And who says Malaysia doesn't have four seasons??