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Thursday, March 19, 2009

What is GOOFY?

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I have been a Disney fan my whole life; and I have watched most of their animations (but not all, I still have my preferences).
I love the character Mickey Mouse the most, that he has been my favorite cartoon character since I was three! (the common reference to say how long you have liked something:)

Mickey Mouse beats any other cartoon characters I like as well; and is always at the No.1 spot in my heart.
Regarding the other cartoon characters I like, okay, I will do that on another post when I am free *smiles*

The reason I am suddenly so inclined to write a full post on Goofy instead of Mickey was a recent case of the clouded identity of poor old Goofy, one of Mickey's best friends.
I can't believe that Goofy could be mistaken for another animal!

Okay, I gotta be fair, maybe it's due to my favoritism for Disney but I think no one ever told me what was Goofy.
We all know Mickey Mouse is a mouse, Donald Duck is a duck, Pluto is a dog, like well, duh!!
The names indicated clearly; and furthermore, they have rather distinguished features of those animals which makes them easily identifiable.

What about Goofy?
DO you all know WHAT is GOOFY?

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Hmmmm, tough question?
Is he really that indistinguishable?

Actually, to be honest, not really....it's not such a formula-given question or something which requires Fourier transformations to figure out the true identity of Goofy.

The features are so easily identified; and if you are like me, guessed it since you were three, then congratulations, I think we were pretty normal and have acquired the ability to distinguish animal features since young.

If you never bothered or didn't even know what is Goofy, well, here's the revelation...

GOOFY is a.....


Seriously, was it that hard to tell from his features?
Of course, he doesn't bark, or crawl on fours like Pluto, but still, isn't it so obvious that he is a dog?
His button-like nose and his unmistakably long droopy ears?
Put him next to BobDog and Snoopy, aren't they so dog-like?
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Okay, not the most handsome comparison anyway:p

Furthermore, if you have been watching Mickey cartoons on TV or tapes (don't tell me you have never watched Disney cartoons during your childhood, you might have been born before pre-war then! They are all over TV and TV3 has even Kelab Disney!), you would have seen the way Goofy sniffs in the air for something or when there is food.
That is such a obvious clue that Goofy-is-a- DOG!!!

He doesn't crawl on fours like Pluto because, well, like other Disney characters of Mickey, Donald, Chip & Dale, he's just an anthropomorphic Dog!
In fact, he's not some 'ke-le-feh' character in Disney, okay...he's one of Mickey's best friends and he is a VIP of the Mickey Mouse Club! *CLAPS for Goofy*

He is well, goofy because one of his characteristics is clumsiness.
That is one of Disney's uniqueness. Disney has always been portraying all the good and beautiful things in fairytales, and how everything looks so perfect.
But actually, at the same time, if you noticed, they have also been inserting certain flaws into each of the character.

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And Goofy, is the clumsy one of course, look at the number of times he has tripped and fall, and when he gets anxious to do something, BAM, there he goes, tripping, falling and everything goes down with him.

He's a little dumb, and well, aloof...that's why we call him Goofy!
He's kind actually and always mean well, this is a character that I find hard not to love! Go Goofy!

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And a little more facts about Goofy, his original character/concept name was Dippy Dawg (sounds so like Goofy, LOL!) in the 1930s, then his name was given George Geef or G.G. Geef in the 50's. In the Goofy Troop movies and contemporary animations featuring him, his name was Goofy Goof which is his full character name.
So Goofy was just a nickname:)

For full information, you can check out the Wikipedia for the facts

So, after all this clarification, I hope it cleared the confusion that Goofy is indeed a dog; anthropomorphic or not, he's still a dog.
Accept the fact, he's no other animal BUT a DOG!
Anyway, what were you thinking he is if not a dog?
Giraffe, a horse?

You might need to give those eyes a full check at the optometrist's.

No more confusion...GOOFY IS A DOG!

Repeat after me, GOOFY-IS-A-DOG.....

GOOD, now stare at his photo....these are dog features....

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Pluto and Goofy.... see the similarity?
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Now what is GOOFY again?
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