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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Celebrity News: Hit by boyfriend?

I am sure most of us have been shocked by the news of the recent celebrity couple who were involved in an abuse case which led to the cancellation of the female artist's concert scheduled in Malaysia.
Rihanna, who was allegedly hit by her boyfriend, the famous and rising to stardom R&B singer, Chris Brown had to cancel her concert in Malaysia at the very last minute.

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I thought so too...and I believe that the shocking part was that it was done by a singer who sang his love songs so passionately and in such a nice voice, but could have done something this brutal to his girlfriend.
So much for hypocrism.
I am not writing a fan hate post to criticize Chris nor am I in favor of Rihanna; as usual, I am just merely stating from my point of view.

I openly despise guys who could raise his hand to hit another girl; any girl and especially when he claims as his loved one.
It is just unacceptable and a despicable act from a guy who claimed to love the girl and wants to be her boyfriend.
As a boyfriend, he is supposed to be protecting her and not behave like some thug on the loose.
So, one day, you say "I Love you" and the next, "Hey, I feel like hitting you?"

It is just shocking and it was pretty serious as I've heard that she was missing from paparazzi action for a while and some even said she had bruises.
I have not seen it on my own eyes, and therefore, I reserve my comment on the severity of the abuse.

In short, I just think it is just a hypocritical thing to do when you are a pop idol known for lovely songs; romantic songs. One moment proclaiming love and the next, defying love?

Gosh, and I do know that Chris has also been affected by the news as his popularity and image has been tarnished by this news.

Sad to say, I have to say, I am also not so keen to listen to a guy who hits a girl; HIS girl..