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Sunday, April 19, 2009


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Last weekend was the PIKOM PC Fair in KL Convention Center; and since I happened to be in KL, I just tagged along with my brother to the fair for a quick browse.

You know one thing I hate about KL Convention Center? It is the long way you have to use for exit and for entrance.
And if you happened to miss something in one hall, haha, there is no turning back, because you will just have to follow all the way to the exit and then try to re-enter again.

Well, on the contrary, looking at the bright side, they have got to work on controlling the traffic and the crowd, don't they?
So, it is probably for the best of the smooth traffic flow during the fair but definitely aggravating for us visitors.

PC fair is well, just PC fair or like any other exhibitions.
There's fairly cheap bargains over there; such a RM200-300 decrease in prices for laptops or computers, and even for broadband packages.
Darn, I was even frustrated when I saw how low some of the packages are! (Grrrrrrr....)

Maxis, Celcom, P1 Wimax, you name it, they are there.
Then there's Mac, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Acer for the laptops/PC
Canon, Nikon were also there for the camera/printers

And of course, how could we miss the 'important' showcase of the iPhone 3G proudly presented by Maxis?
Yeah, iPhone is finally here, and it took 1 year to get here and this is already the 3rd generation of the iPhone.
Furthermore, the promoters at Maxis booth were not really familiar with the phone themselves.
Oh by the way, the 3G phone does not include video conferencing ya....

It was crowded; as expected, and I saw lots of doofus, I mean interested people signing up for the iPhone 3G package with Maxis.
The phone costs RM2xxx if I am not mistaken, and if you are interested, you can hop over to PC Fair...oops, a little too late, even Penang's PC fair was already over yesterday.

Anyone who went to the PC fair in PISA?
Did they have the 'proud' showcase by Maxis as well?LOL