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Sunday, April 05, 2009

Palm Sunday and the Passion of Christ

It was Palm Sunday yesterday; a meaningful day which marks the beginning of our Holy Week for Christians worldwide as we pray and observe the solemn days towards Christ's passion before the joyful celebration of Easter.

As with all the other days during the Lent season, it is a time of perseverance and abstinence as we reflect on ourselves.
The Church, also reminds us constantly of our sins and the greatness of our God's Love where he cleansed us of our sins with his only son's blood.

During the mass yesterday, it was an emotional moment for most of us, when the church played excerpts from the famous 'Passion of Christ' along with the beautiful song, "Thank You for the Cross"

Frankly, I could never bring myself to watch Passion of Christ and who knows, I may be one of the rare statistics among all the Christians who have yet to watch this movie.
Taunt me if you want, but I just could not bear watching such a emotional movie which cannot be compared to all those other soap operas or emo dramas out there.

This is so true, I could not put myself through those disturbing images; and it was definitely one of the most explicitly detailed movie when they show the sequence of Christ being tortured to death.
It is not because I could not comprehend or could not accept the fact, but I just could not accept the evil deeds which could be done by one human to another.

I have felt emotional even as I read the Bible at a very young age and I could cry and even ask, "Why are they doing this to him?"

Yesterday, as I sat through the scenes (where I looked away from most of it), I could again feel those tears brimming at my eyes and I just couldn't go on watching with a clear mind.

Yet, it was so touching when I know that HE did it with so much courage all for the Love of us, his children and people who have sinned.

The priest made a very good statement by saying,
"If you are all feeling emotional, that is because you have just experienced LOVE.
Love is great, and powerful, it is just unselfish and giving"

How true...Praise the Lord!

Looking at how great and how selfless HE had been for the love for us, I felt that no pain could be greater compared to his when he was nailed to the cross!

All of a sudden, whatever I felt I was so suffocated about no longer was comparable to his LOVE...

I truly and humbly adore the LORD for his great love...

Thank you for the cross!!