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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Drivers on Test

I spotted two white Kancil on the road in Sungai Dua on Monday; all too familiar little cars on the road with the rotating siren lights on top of the car and at the back of the car, you see the big capital L beside a board with a statement that says "Driver on test"

The cars, as expected were rather obviously, crawling on the road but that was not the interesting point in my story.
What fascinated me was how all the cars on the road reacted to the two cars.
Instead of the usual show of impatience when faced with these slow cars on the road, there is an unusual display of kind understanding and patience which touched me when I sat there dazed, staring from my steering wheel.

I didn't ponder that long to be of an obstruction to the traffic flow, but I, of course did not complain crawling behind those 2 cars as well.
Most of the cars did not tailgate; instead everyone just drove patiently behind those cars; and if they happened to be caught right behind either one of the car (on test), they followed at a low speed at an equivalence to the car on the test and then at a safe distance, they put on their signal and maneuver their car over to the side to overtake the car on test.

It was the same with every single car and frankly, I was totally impressed by the whole scene.
It isn't everyday you see such a wonderful display of courtesy and consideration from all the drivers at the same time.

Well, it does probably size down to the fact that most of us can come to that understanding due to our level of empathy.
We have all gone through the same process anyhow; before we finally made it to the wheel we are behind today as we cruise along the road; breaking a traffic rule or two.

It was because we have all gone through that dreadful process of sitting behind a wheel of a small little car and having to nervously steer your hand on the stick while having a big JPJ man sitting next to you who may even be a potential harassment material.
All those anxiety could be so nerve-wrecking for anyone and for all of us who have gone through that, we could imagine it when others experience it.

All I can say is, boy are we pleased those days are over as we hold onto our pink little licenses and maneuver our cars to wherever we please.
This courtesy should be practised at all time; and in all locations; not just when it involves learner drivers on test.

We are a caring society and this is one situation that clearly depicted it.
I am proud and I hope I will continue to see this; a little courtesy certainly goes a long way.

Now who said Malaysians are not caring anymore?