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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What do you do?

What do you do....

1. Your housemate whom you just know her by the name or hi/bye suddenly asks to borrow your stuffs; some personal stuffs?

2. Your colleague calls to accuse you of something from someone he heard?

3. When people at work does not seem to be cooperative with you to proceed with what you are doing to make it work?

4. When you just think that vacation is good, and you have 101 things screaming at you after a short leave?

5. When you really want to scream and go off for vacation for good?

6. When you thought things are getting better and it seems the total opposite?

7. When you want to really smile, but deep down inside, it really feels like a sigh?

8. When you feel like you are just standing there alone, facing the entire universe?

9. When something crappy just turned up; and something has to go wrong somewhere...and it's because of your carelessness?

10. When you want to decide and yet it doesn't feel like a suggestion??

Now what do you do??